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    Goerman, Dave, PA Department of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Waterway Engineering and Wetlands, 400 market St., Harrisburg, PA, 17105,  

    The PA DEP Bureau of Waterway Engineering and Wetlands has developed comprehensive characteristics that guide restoration principles with a systematic approach to restoration efforts. This presentation will introduce the audience to the use of these guiding principles of restoration by highlighting key watershed processes, existence of historical and legacy alterations, effects of such alterations on watershed processes, development of a paleo frame of reference, and the use of an evidence-based approach for developing comprehensive restoration. The presentation will cover several important aspects of the guiding principles that are important to the execution of highly successful restoration projects. Over the past 15 years this approach has been applied to restore numerous aquatic ecosystems buried by legacy sediment as well as the development of a dedicated restoration industry in PA including mitigation banking. The mitigation banking industry has successfully applied these principles to legacy sediments and other causes of resource degradation successfully to restore 225,000 feet of dynamic valleys including 130 acres of wetlands. This approach has wide applicability to understanding and responding to a variety of watershed alterations, not just legacy sediment.

    restoration, legacy sediment, alterations, aquatic resources