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    McWilliams, Ashley , Environmental Science & Studies, Juniata College, 1700 Moore St, Huntingdon, PA, 16652,; Adhikari, Kushal, , Environmental Engineering, Juniata College, 1700 Moore St, Huntingdon,

    The city of Huntingdon is a small town located in Central Pennsylvania. The town is served by a stormwater management system that has aged. This often has led to flooding in parts of the city and sewer overflow into the local creeks. This study aims to assess and manage the urban runoff for the town while the current focus is only on Juniata College. Juniata College is a liberal arts institution situated at the heart of town with a total area of 110 acres and represents a major developed area in the town. Most importantly, a local creek, named Muddy Run passes through Juniata College and carries runoff from residence halls and parking lots. Various places on campus with runoff issues were identified. The places of concern were first selected based on the previous flooding history and those sites were visited after rain events during the year 2022/2023 for a better understanding of the current runoff scenario. Flood Factor and NOAA flood maps were used as additional tools in selecting the sites of concern. An extensive review of the successful cases of Low Impact Developments (LIDs) in similar situations was conducted. EPA Stormwater Calculator was then used to develop multiple scenarios with a suite of LIDs and improvement suggestions for Juniata College. The study also aims to explore ideas and ways for the reuse of captured water and its added benefits to the college on water consumption, cost, and sustainability efforts.

    stormwater, low impact development, case study, Juniata college